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Things You Need to Know When Designing Children’s Bathrooms

It’s no secret that some grooming activities, such as taking a shower or brushing your teeth, aren’t always children’s favorites. But by thinking, a good design for children’s bathrooms can make this time more comfortable and fun.

It is important to consider the children’s preferences when designing bathrooms. It is important not to forget the functionality of modern bathrooms.

Today we will share with you some key points to consider when designing bathrooms with small children as well as some ideas for children’s bathroom design that can inspire you and help you create a space that is more energetic, comfortable, and full of personality.  What should you consider when designing a bathroom for children?

Colors for children’s bathrooms

Both boys and girls can be color experts! According to color psychology, you can influence children’s behavior or mood with certain colors. As an example:

  • The color white is perfect for walls because it conveys calmness, purity, and visual order.
  • Red can be a color of vitality and energy, but it can also cause aggression. Red can be used as an accessory in children’s bathroom accessories for shy or more withdrawn children. It should not be used for hyperactive children.
  • It is also an important color that can be used to stimulate concentration, and spread optimism. Yellow is a great color to decorate children’s bathroom!
  • Blue is a color of serenity, peace, and tranquility. You can use this color on bathroom floors or walls if your child has trouble sleeping.
  • Green is calming and harmonious to the nervous system. You can use it in specific bathroom elements or accessories, but excessive usage can encourage laziness.
  • Orange is a color that encourages communication. It’s recommended in bathrooms for kids who have trouble making friends.
  • Purple is a combination of the calmness of blue and the energy of red. This color is ideal for creating a balance in the girls’ bathroom.

Top Barrie bathroom renovation contractors suggest bright colors. Because they are essential for creating a space that is fun and inviting for children. These colors are suitable for use as accessories in bathrooms such as rugs, curtains, towels, soap dishes, and sinks.


Bathroom Coverings for Children

The coverings in children’s bathrooms should be resistant to moisture and temperature changes. In children’s bathrooms, coverings should be able to withstand scratches and falling objects. To promote safety, the coverings must be non-slip.

Porcelain tiles are the most durable option of all ceramics. Duomo offers a large variety of porcelain tiles in various colors and exclusive designs to cover the walls and floors of children’s bathrooms!

Accessories for children’s bathrooms are important to add a splash of color. You can also use bathroom tile to create a mosaic, cover the shower or sink area only, or design the tiling.



Basic equipment for children’s bathrooms is the same as that in adult bathrooms. There are smaller toilets, sinks, or tubs that are designed specifically for children but the truth is, installing them in the future will cost more. Remember that your children will grow up and eventually no longer need them.

Installing standard-sized bathroom elements and making the necessary adjustments will ensure that children are comfortable and safe.

It is best to purchase a two-step ladder that allows them to stand at the height of the sink, or rest their legs on the toilet. Children’s bathrooms encourage independence

Modern children’s bathroom furniture includes a stepladder and a toilet in addition to a sink, stepping stool, shower, or tub for ease of use. To have fun in the bathroom, you will need mirrors, shelves, chairs, and benches.

You can now add functional and decorative items to the bathroom of a small child, such as colored glasses, baskets, colored soap dishes, and soap dispensers.



Safety is the main consideration for all the modifications you make. is not the only thing that should be non-slip. It’s also important to have handles in the shower and bathtub.

To avoid bumps, you can cover the faucet or corners of furniture with a protector. can be used to protect the corners or faucets of furniture from bumps.

With durable, resistant floor and wall coverings, functional, decorative, and colorful accessories, safety elements, and many toys bath time can be more fun for both you and your children.

Do you want to design the perfect bathroom for your house? We at The Renovators of Canada have all the renovation services you need to complete your project. We will be happy to assist you in creating the space you deserve.

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