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How To Fix a Cracked Cell Phone Screen ?

So, you know the struggle – one moment, your phone’s in your hand, and the next, you’re staring at a fresh scratch or crack on the screen. It’s like it happens in the blink of an eye! But fear not, because fixing a cracked cell phone screen isn’t always rocket science.


Sure, there are tons of cell phone repair shops out there offering to fix your screen at reasonable prices. But sometimes, it’s handy to have a few DIY tricks to save those extra bucks.


However, the effectiveness of these DIY methods depends on how bad the damage is. If it’s just a few minor scratches, you might be able to handle it yourself. But if we’re talking deep cracks, it might be time to call in the pros at the best cell phone repair for a reliable solution.


So, what can you do at home? There are plenty of DIY methods that you can try at home. You can try covering your phone with a packing tube to shield those cracks from getting worse. Or put a screen protector for a quick fix. Some even recommend using gel polish to minimize minor cracks. And if you’re feeling adventurous, DIY screen repair kits are out there, too.


But if you’re not feeling too confident about playing Mr. Fix-It or if the damage is serious, don’t hesitate to hand it over to the mobile 

repair experts. Sometimes, a pro touch is just what your phone really needs. 

Easy Solutions To Fix a Cracked Phone Screen

1. Packing Tape Hack

Keep it simple with clear packing tape. Clean your screen, cut a piece of tape slightly bigger than the crack, and carefully apply it on. Smooth out any air bubbles, and voila! Your screen’s protected from further damage, and you won’t have to worry about pesky finger cuts.

2. Gel Polish Trick

Want a more aesthetically pleasing fix? Clear gel nail polish is your friend. After cleaning your screen, dab some polish on the cracks and let it dry. It won’t stop further damage, but it’ll definitely make those cracks less noticeable.

3. Super Glue Fix: 

Got bigger cracks? Time to use the clear super glue. Apply a tiny amount along the cracks, press the cracked parts together gently, and hold them until the glue sets. But be careful – according to the pros, this one can get messy and might not be the best option.

4. Screen Protector Savior: 

Grab a tempered glass screen protector to add an extra layer of protection. If your cracks are minor, this could stop them from spreading. Just clean your screen, apply the protector carefully, and smooth out any air bubbles.

5. DIY Repair Kits: 

Feeling adventurous? DIY repair kits come packed with tools like adhesives and suction cups. Follow the instructions closely for a more thorough fix. But hey, if you’re not feeling up to it, leave it to the mobile repair pros.

6. Pro Repair Services: 

When all else fails, it’s time to call in the experts. Places like SD Cell Plus have experienced technicians who can assess the damage and give you a more permanent solution.


Just remember, these fixes might work differently depending on how bad the damage is. And always be careful – especially with adhesives and DIY repairs. When in doubt, leave it to the pros for a safer, more reliable solution.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a cracked phone screen be repaired?

Yes! A cracked phone screen can be repaired. Many professional cell phone repair stores offer services to fix cracked screens. They can replace the damaged glass to ensure your phone starts working smoothly. DIY repair kits are also available, but it is recommended that you seek professional assistance for better results. 


2. Does nail polish fix cracked screens?

While some people use clear nail polish as a temporary fix for small cracks, it is not a permanent solution. Nail polish may help prevent further damage or fill tiny gaps temporarily, but it won’t restore the screen’s functionality. For a more effective and lasting solution, professional screen repair is recommended.


3. Does super glue fix a cracked phone screen?

Using super glue on a cracked phone screen is not recommended. Super glue can damage the display and worsen the situation. It may also leave residue, affect touch sensitivity, or create a mess. For a safe and reliable repair, it is best to consult professional technicians who have the expertise, knowledge, and the right tools to handle screen repairs and replacements.

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