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How Long Does A DTG Print Last? Find DTG Print Near Me

DTG printers have revolutionized the textile printing industry due to their innovative features. A simple garment looks decorative when printed with the DTG printers. Traditional processes for printing t-shirts and other items were quite labor-intensive. That is why you can rely on DTG printing technology to customize your garments. There are direct-to-garment printing services to help you personalize several t-shirts or other fabrics. Go online to search – Who provides the best DTG print near me? You can find the most reliable companies providing garment printing services. But, how long do DTG prints last? The longevity of the print depends on various factors.

What is DTG printing?

Digital apparel printing, or DTG printing, is a revolutionary technology to personalize garments of different fabrics. DTG printers are different from ordinary home printers and can print any design directly onto the fabric.

Quick turnaround time is the biggest advantage of choosing DTG printing. So, DTG printing service providers can deliver your bulk order within the shortest period. Besides, you can add different colors to the design for customization.

Proper operation of the printer ensures accurate reproduction of the graphics or photographs. It is a good choice for low-volume printing projects.

Average wash cycles that do not affect the print

DTG printing has gained high popularity. So, some people are concerned about the durability of the prints. Suppose someone wears a printed or customized t-shirt. It needs to be washed regularly. So, how many washes can the print endure before it fades away? Most commonly, the print has no impact until it undergoes 50 wash cycles. But, you may find higher or reduced longevity depending on some factors.

Quality of the DTG ink

The ink quality is the most significant factor in determining the durability of the DTG print. The best 

DTG print shop uses a bright, pretreated underbase. It will last longer and add vibrant DTG prints to your garments.

Quality of your fabric

The fabric or garment quality may affect the overall durability of the print. The best DTG prints applied to the quality fabrics last longer than the print on the inferior quality fabric. Thus, when you order customization of t-shirts or other items, you should check their fabrics. Moreover, the fabrics need proper pretreatment before starting the digital printing process.

DTG printer

Premium-quality DTG printers effectively print the design you need for customizing a garment. These printers work almost like computer printers. So, when managed properly, you can print even complex patterns or intricate designs. On the contrary, low-grade machines do not have good printing abilities. Consequently, your print may fade away after a couple of washes.

You can consider direct-to-garment printing services, if you do not want to invest in a DTG printer.

Hot water in laundry

Some people use hot water while washing their printed garments. They also dry the outfits in hot environments. It can cause the paint’s particles to break down.

So, wearers should use cold water and gentle detergents to wash the DTG-printed clothes. Air drying is safe for these clothes, and it does not affect the prints. 

Pretreatment- Another factor for higher durability of the prints

The garment needs proper pretreatment before you apply DTG printing technology. After printing the design, it needs curing to make the print long-lasting.

The experts spray a pretreatment fluid on the garment’s surface and let it dry. It helps in achieving incomparable print quality and generates a smooth surface for the print. What’s more, the ink will stick to the fabric for a longer period.

Pretreatment is more important for dark-colored clothing. Dark-colored garments should have white ink underbase that allows the graphics to become prominent. Designers will apply white ink to the surface and let it adhere firmly. This process ensures the production of the accurate color of the print.

However, curing is essential to make sure that the ink will stay on the fabric’s surface permanently. For proper finishing of the apparel, you need to use a heat press.

Some larger DTG printing companies prefer tunnel dryers for the process. No matter what technique you use, the apparel needs the right amount of heat pressure under the desired temperature. Only highly skilled professionals can manage this process and provide you with stunning DTG-printed t-shirts. These printed garments withstand repeated wearing and washing. The best companies have DTG printing no minimum rules.

The printed graphics will retain their originality if users maintain the garments properly. But, in due course, the brightness of the prints may slowly fade away.

Looking for DTG print near me?

Several organizations look for DTG printing solutions for buying custom-printed garments. They use those garments for promotional purposes. So, you can also search for the printing agency with your query- Which is the most reliable company for DTG print near me?

Ninja Stitch is a reputable agency that provides DTG printing services. It ensures quality and long-lasting DTG prints and charges a reasonable rate. Printing experts can show you DTG print samples that allow you to identify the quality of the output.

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