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Here’s Why Your Repair Shop Needs Maintenance Ticketing System in 2023

For a repair shop in 2023, efficiency is more important than ever. Customers have a lot more options than simply waiting for their phone to be fixed and have absolutely no patience for shoddy service. Which is why as a repair shop, your number one priority should be to make everything run as smooth as butter, and a good maintenance ticketing system can help you do just that.

In this article, we’ll be talking about what exactly is a maintenance ticketing system, how it works, and what makes it crucial to your success as a repair business. There’s plenty to get through, so grab a nice warm cup of coffee and let’s dive right into it.

What is ticket management software?

So in order to explain why, we first need to establish the what – what is a ticket management system? The most common definition found online says that it is a software used to register, organize, prioritize, and resolve support tickets.

However, in much simpler terms, it’s a system that helps technical and support personnel resolve the issues of customers. Think of it like a queue at a bank where each customer comes to the teller with their own tasks that need to be completed and the teller resolves every one of them.

Now usually in a system like this, there is some information that needs to be gathered. For a bank, it’s often the account name and the amount of money being transferred or withdrawn. For a repair shop, it’s details on the item in question, the service needed, and the parts required for the service. There is other information that is specific to the job at hand and the people doing it, but every maintenance ticketing system basically boils down to these essentials. 

For every issue, a ticket is created which has all the info needed to perform the task. Once the task is completed, the ticket is closed, marking the end of the entire process. In summary, a maintenance ticketing system allows you to collect data and post updates on assigned repair jobs while tracking the entire process from start to finish.

Why do you need it for your repair shop?

Now that we’ve established what a maintenance ticketing system is, the question to answer is why it’s necessary for a repair shop to have. If we look at it objectively, all the functions that a particular software would provide can be performed by other means as well – Excel sheets, printed labels and notes, invoicing software, what have you.

Why then is it important to have a dedicated repair shop software running the show? Here are a couple of points that play in its favor.

Repair jobs are more organized

When working on multiple repair tickets, the last thing you want is for it all is to be disorganized. Everything can be absolute chaos if you don’t pay attention to the process, and this is where the first major benefit of such software comes in – improved organization.

Ticket management software like RepairDesk greatly improves your workflow by keeping track of everything related to the repair job and making sure that it is front and center. Details such as the customer requests, the technician assigned to the job, the status of the repair, pre- and post-repair conditions, and even customer authorization are a big part of the repair workflow. Using a dedicated system for it, you’ll find that it’s a lot easier to track and get updates on what is required, what is going on, when it will all be completed, etc.

With all the details of your repair ticket in one place, you won’t have to juggle between different software to look for them and won’t have to worry about missing out on any key detail related to the job.

You have better customer support

Anyone who’s worked in the tech industry knows how important customer support is. The ability to stay on top of your customer’s queries and address their issues goes a long way in helping your business, and a good repair shop software will help you do just that.

Businesses can use the software to assign tasks to the right people, manage every repair job with a degree of personalization, and even automate certain tasks like sending out updates to customers on the status of their repair. This helps keep the customer notified and ensures that they get the best service from your people.

Efficiency of tasks is greatly improved

We’ve all often had to work on tasks that require us to do the same things over and over again, and while it is necessary to do things that way, it’s not always the most efficient way to apply yourself. That’s where automation comes in.

By automating certain repetitive tasks like ticket assignment, setting priorities, and tracking response times, your repair business can save a significant amount of time on the job. That means you get your work done faster and more efficiently without having to worry about the other menial things related to it. 

It also reduces the likelihood of errors, which means you’re less prone to getting things wrong and making mistakes when working on something. This all adds up in the grand scheme of things, and coupling this with a good team means your repair operations will be flying so much better than they ever have. 

You’ll have access to enhanced reporting

One of the things that repair shops need to grow their business is a good reporting system in their management software. To run a successful repair outfit, you’ll need metrics on things like ticket volume and response times so you can make better decisions. With ticket management software, it’s possible to have all that work for you.

The software is able to generate reports using a variety of data that is input into the system, such as average turnaround time for a repair job, number of repair jobs coming in over a period of time, rate of conversion from lead to ticket, etc. This allows repair stores to make good estimates on their capabilities and track areas where they may need to improve, ultimately helping them make better decisions that lead to growth.

With the valuable insights that ticket management software provides, you’d be silly to not want it as part of your operations.

Communication with customers is much better

As we’ve mentioned earlier, certain tasks like communicating with customers can be repetitive but is also very important. Keeping them abreast of their repair job’s status and coordinating with them on more information is vital to the success of your business, and you’ll want to have the right system in place to do just that.

With a ticket management system, you’ll be able to add in all your customer’s details so communicating with them is a lot easier. Most software gives you the ability to contact them through a variety of channels, such as SMS, email, or even social media.

It also makes it a lot easier to send them your marketing campaigns and special offers so they can visit your business again, making a one-time shopper into a repeat customer. It may not seem like that does much, but you’d be surprised how many customers would visit your shop again if you send them the right text message or email at the right time.

Customer satisfaction is improved exponentially

Many of the previous points feed into this one and it needs to be said – by providing a better customer experience, you gain better customer satisfaction and therefore, better business growth.

With all the things that a good repair shop software can do for you – making your job more efficient, your communication more proactive, your system a lot more organized – it all helps in improving the customer experience and making them feel like your business is there for them. This infers that improvements to your pipeline and operating procedures will have a long-term impact on your customers, bringing in more inquiries and generating more positive sentiment and loyalty for your repair shop.

A satisfied customer is more likely to visit your store again for repeat business; in fact, they’re 89% more likely to make another purchase from you because of a positive customer experience, according to Salesforce Research. And with all that a ticket management software can do for your repair shop, you’ll be able to provide that much-needed experience to your customers and have them come back to you for more.


We’ve talked at length about what a maintenance ticketing system is, what features does it have, and how it can benefit your business in the long-run. There are many ways that repair shops can leverage the power of such software to improve their operations and make things easier for them. 

The bottom line is that whatever software you choose is going to ultimately have a lasting impact on the customer experience you provide, which in turn helps your business flourish. So in summary, having a maintenance ticketing software can only help your case, and over time, you’ll be able to see the remarkable impact it has on your business.

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