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Exploring the Structure of DNA

DNA is the most unique and special cell of the Human body. This is present inside every Human cell and can be extracted from it. Within the DNA lies a lot of information that, if we get to encode, we can live a life free of stress and health-related issues. 

DNA can be considered a bag of information. All the information that is needed for the lifelong development of a human is present inside the DNA. If we can read that information, we can know about any health issue inside our body like cancer predispositions or other genetic diseases like Turner Syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, Cystic fibrosis, Heart diseases, etc. Hence, the structure of DNA plays a significant role in the lives of Human beings.

Humans get their DNA from both parents equally during fertilization. The DNA from the mother and the father are taken equally and mixed so that the baby gets its DNA from both the parents, and a new DNA is formed that is unique from every other human being except identical twins, where it would be the same. 

Structure of DNA:

DNA is a double helical structure that is a protein in nature. This protein is made up of smaller subunits known as nucleotides. These nucleotides are further made up of three components:

1-Sugar: The sugar present in the DNA consists of five carbons and is known as deoxyribose.

2-Nitrogenous Base: These nitrogenous bases can be of two types: purines like adenine and guanine or pyrimidine like cytosine and thymine. This is what makes the genetic code of a person.

3-Phosphate: This is what glues the two nucleotides together, forming the backbone of the DNA molecule.


Visualizing the DNA structure: 

The structure of the DNA can be thought of as two strands of DNA that are winded around each other like a spiral ladder. The basics of this structure are base pairing different types of bases pair with each other like adenine is always paired with thymine, and guanine is always paired with cytosine.

Flexibility in the DNA:

DNA can be considered a double-helical structure, but it can be more dynamic than just a double-helical structure. DNA is very flexible, and it can take different shapes as it can be bent, twisted, and folded into various shapes. 

Benefits of the DNA:

Understanding the structure of DNA gives a lot of benefits to us Humans. Hence, DNA is a crucial protein molecule that can make our lives much easier if we know how to encode it. DNA studies have developed to the extent that different types of DNA tests are now in use by doctors to help unveil secrets of an individual’s body. These tests look for any genetic predispositions through prenatal DNA testing. Moreover, DNA tests, called Court Ordered Paternity Tests, are also ordered by the court to solve child support and inheritance issues. Choice DNA is an exemplary company offering NIPP testing near me. Their skilled staff and advanced technology testing devices make them stand out from all other DNA testing companies.

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