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Choosing the Perfect Colors for a Cashmere Baby Blanket

Selecting the right color for a baby blanket is an exciting part of preparing for a new arrival. Cashmere blankets make especially luxurious and heirloom-quality gifts and with the right color choices, can be suited for either baby boys or girls.

Here are some of the top color options to consider when shopping for a cashmere baby blanket to welcome a newborn.

Soft Pastels

Pastel shades like lemon, mint, and lavender make classic choices for either gender. These muted tones are gentle on a baby’s eyes and work well in any nursery decor. Light pinks and blues are traditional pastel options that hint at gender while remaining soft and neutral. Look for an ultra-fine cashmere weave for blankets in the palest pastels to retain clarity of color.

Bold Primary Colors

Primary colors like red, blue, and yellow create blankets that pop. These vivid shades look cheerful in a baby room and stimulate visual development. Deep hues like cobalt, cherry, and sunflower yellow make the biggest impact. They can be coordinated with room accents for a bold, graphic nursery style. For blankets choose a shade lighter than paint colors for an energetic but soft look.

Soothing Neutrals

Neutral solids like ivory, tan, and gray make excellent cashmere baby blankets. Their versatility allows them to fit in with any nursery theme. Ivory is a warm, welcoming neutral, while tan offers a rich and earthy tone.

Charcoal gray is a sophisticated neutral that pairs well with bright pops of color. Neutral blankets become keepsake favorites as they complement changing decor as a nursery evolves into a big kid room.

Playful Prints

Choose a cashmere style with a printed pattern for a fun and playful baby blanket. Polka dots, stripes, checks, and colorful motifs add a whimsical touch. Opt for scaled-down prints rather than large, overpowering patterns.

Choose prints including the nursery’s accent colors to tie the flannel bedding Uk into the overall room scheme. Printed blankets disguise stains and show less wear, making them ultra-practical as the baby grows.

Two-Tone Style

Two-tone baby blankets offer the best of both worlds: a solid color on one side, and a pattern on the reverse. Look for combos like ivory with pale blue dots or mint with pink stripes. The solid side can match the crib sheet for consistency, while the pattern side adds interest when draped over a sleeping baby. Two-tone blankets provide visual variety but remain subtly elegant.

Organic Inspiration

Nature-inspired hues lend an organic, soothing feel to a baby space. Moss green, sky blue and buttery yellow reflect colors found in the natural world. For boys consider lighter shades of sage, grass, or sky.

For girls pick up blush pink, daisy yellow, and robin’s egg blue. Handcrafted details like crochet edges enhance the homemade blanket style in natural, earthy colors.

Going Gray

Gray furniture provides a go-anywhere foundation for a modern nursery and complements most color accents. Play up the versatile gray theme with a blanket in shades like silver, charcoal, or heather.

Gray beautifully represents “tabula rasa”, a blank slate full of potential. Embellish blankets with appliqués or monograms to personalize the neutral background. Any pattern from stars to elephants to polka dots pops against the gray.

Heirloom White

Crisp white is a timeless color choice for babies. As bright and pure as new beginnings it makes cherished heirloom gifts and commemorative keepsakes. An ivory cashmere weave adds warmth to snowy white for a soft, snuggly feel.

Add hand embroidery, cross stitch, or crochet for texture and interest. Swaddle new babies in white blankets reminiscent of a cloud and capture precious memories in photographs. Later, display the blankets in shadow boxes.

Buy Genuine cashmere blanket

With so many appealing options, selecting that perfect cashmere blanket for a baby may prove to be the hardest part of gift-giving! Consider the nursery decor, baby’s gender, and parent’s style preferences.

Coordinate with crib linens for a polished look, or introduce color and pattern with the blanket. Most of all, choose soft, durable cashmere in colors that will comfort your baby and become keepsakes to treasure.

A beautiful handcrafted cashmere blanket is a gift to be passed down for generations. When ready to buy a cashmere blanket look for reputable brands like Angela Jey, they use only the finest materials and craftsmanship.

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