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Breaking It Down: The Pros and Cons of Mediclaim and Health Insurance Plans

Health is the most precious asset a person can possess. However, with the increasing costs of healthcare, it has become imperative to have proper health insurance or mediclaim plans to stay financially secure during times of illness or accidents. While mediclaim and health insurance plans are often used interchangeably, there are a few differences in terms of coverage and benefits that one should consider before opting for either of them. In this article, we will break down the pros and cons of Mediclaim and Health Insurance Plans, with a primary focus on group personal accident insurance.


What is a Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy?

A group personal accident insurance policy provides financial coverage to the beneficiaries in the event of bodily injury or death resulting from an accident. These accidents can be caused due to various reasons- be it an unintentional fall, collision, or even an animal attack. A group personal accident insurance policy covers compensation in case of partial or total permanent disability, medical expenses incurred due to the accident, and death.


Pros of Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy

  1. Affordable: Employers can offer group personal accident insurance policies to their employees at affordable rates. This type of insurance policy is usually available at a lower premium as compared to individual personal accident insurance policies.
  2. Covers many people at once: A group personal accident insurance policy covers all the members of a group or organization who are insured under the policy. This means that the entire group can be insured with just one policy.
  3. Easy claim settlements: In the event of an accident, the claim settlement process for a group personal accident insurance policy is relatively faster as compared to individual policies.


Cons of Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy

  1. Limited Coverage: Group personal accident insurance policies have limited coverage as compared to an individual personal accident policy. It only provides coverage in the event of an accident and does not cover any illness or pre-existing medical conditions.
  2. Limited Sum Insured: As the policy is meant for a group of people, the sum insured is limited and may not be sufficient for all members in case of a major accident.


What is a Mediclaim Policy?

A Mediclaim Policy, also known as a health insurance policy, is a type of insurance policy that provides financial protection to the policyholder in case of medical emergencies arising due to an illness, accident, or surgery. The policyholder has to pay a yearly premium, which, in turn, provides financial assistance for medical expenses. A mediclaim policy can be either individual or a group policy.


Pros of Mediclaim Policy

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: A mediclaim policy covers medical expenses incurred due to an accident, illness, or surgery, including pre and post hospitalization expenses.
  2. No Upper Limit: A mediclaim policy does not have an upper limit on the amount of coverage, which means it covers the entire medical expenses up to the sum insured.
  3. Wide insurance options: One of the biggest advantages of a health insurance policy is that it can be customized as per one’s requirements. There are several health insurance plans available in the market, offering different types of coverage and benefits. Customers can choose a plan that suits their needs best.


Cons of Mediclaim Policy

  1. Higher Premium: Health insurance policies tend to have a higher premium as compared to other insurance policies. The price increases with an increase in the insured sum.
  2. Waiting Periods: Health insurance policies have a waiting period of up to 30 days for any illness. This means that the policyholder has to wait for 30 days before claiming a health insurance policy’s coverage for any illness.
  3. Pre-Existing Conditions Excluded (usually): A mediclaim policy excludes coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. Although some policies may offer coverage for pre-existing conditions after a waiting period of 2-4 years.


Mediclaim vs. Health Insurance

Mediclaim policies primarily cover hospitalization costs, including surgical, diagnostic, and other medical expenses. It also covers pre and post hospitalization expenses. Health insurance policies, on the other hand, provide comprehensive financial coverage for a wide range of medical expenses, including hospitalization, accident, surgery, and critical illnesses.

The key difference between Mediclaim vs Health insurance policies stems from their coverage. Mediclaim policies only cover hospitalization and related expenses, while health insurance policies offer expanded coverage having little to no limitations on coverage amount.


Group Personal Accident Insurance vis-a-vis Mediclaim/Health Insurance Policies

Group personal accident insurance policy is usually cheaper than a mediclaim or health insurance policy. The group policy is meant for financial protection against accidental deaths, partial or permanent disabilities, and accidental trauma, while the other two policies offer comprehensive healthcare coverage. Thus, these policies are complementary to each other.

While a group personal accident insurance policy only covers financial losses due to accidents, health insurance policies provide financial assistance in emergencies, including surgeries, illness, and hospitalization. However, it’s essential to note that pre-existing diseases are usually not covered under a mediclaim policy until the specified waiting period is over.



Financial security is an important aspect of our lives, especially during uncertain times. Group personal accident insurance policies, mediclaim, and health insurance policies are effective tools that offer protection to policyholders and their families against the financial burden of medical emergencies. However, each policy aims to provide different benefits and coverage.

A group personal accident insurance policy is a type of insurance policy that provides financial coverage against accidents resulting in disability, death or trauma. It is usually cheaper than mediclaim or health insurance policies.

Mediclaim policies offer comprehensive coverage for various illnesses, accidental hospitalization, and surgeries. However, it primarily serves medical expenses coverage and has an upper limit on coverage.

Health insurance policy provides comprehensive financial coverage for a range of medical expenses, including hospitalization, surgeries, accidents, and critical illnesses and offers an expanded limit of coverage with relatively low exclusions.

While each policy serves its own purpose and provides unique benefits, having a combination of a group personal accident insurance policy and mediclaim or health insurance policy can provide comprehensive financial protection against accidental trauma and wide-ranging illnesses.

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