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The presto strength testing equipment’s is used to study the nature of the product in Paper and packaging testing equipments industry. Its high-quality testing equipment gives satisfactory results to its end users. A reliable testing equipment is critical to examine the quality of the material. Presto offers a wide range of lab testing equipment to its users to evaluate the performance and sustainability of the product.

What matters the most during the shipping of any product is its packaging. The strong packaging of any product protects it from any outer damage. The poor quality of the product can hamper the product as well as the image of the manufacturer.

Presto lab testing equipment gives authentic result and testing of any product is very important for the manufacturer to find out the loopholes before delivering the product. Poor packaging may result in damaging the product. Product should be analyzed thoroughly before delivering to its end users. There are many ways by which you can test the product but the best one is to test the product with Presto lab testing instruments.

Importance of Presto’s Bursting strength tester pneumatic

The digital pneumatic equipment gives accurate results by using a single instrument. A digital display which is built on a state-of-the-art robust circuitry platform to ensure repeated performance after years and pneumatic clamping are provided with digital pneumatic which determine the bursting strength of paper, paper-board, solid fiber board and corrugated board and boxes. Its coordinated automatic control provides rapid test sequence for clamping and testing cycles.

This digital cum computerized equipment is a reliable tool which determine the strength of material like paper board, leather, Rexene, uneven boards and boxes, industrial fabric and solid fiber boards, filter cloth, plastic films, Foils, sheets, etc. PRESTO Bursting Strength Tester is manufactured under various Test Standards ASTM D 3786-01, ASTM D 3786 – 80A, ISO 1060 PART-1 1987. It is expressed in terms of Kg/cm². It is measured by giving hydraulic pressure through a rubber diaphragm on the test specimen.

It comes with Dual System viz.

1) Digital Display (Incase computer is not used/available)

2) Inbuilt hardware & software CD.

All about Bursting strength tester pneumatic

Bursting strength tester uses state of art technology to make sure that the material can withstand with the transportation.  Manufacturer can improve the efficiency by accurately measuring the burst resistance of the packaging material. One can easily evaluate different type of packaging material.

The procedure of this testing equipment involves few steps prepare the specimen for test and mount the sample between two circular clamps. The specimen is then, tightened with the help of geared handle provided. The increasing pressure (hydraulic) is then applied by the handle. The diaphragm is expanded till the specimen ruptures.

Paper and packaging industry can test the bursting strength of boxes easily with the use of this high-quality digital strength tester machine.

To measure the strength of a bottle cap the manufacturers apply the precise amount of force required to open or close a cap, ensuring that it meets the designated specifications. The testing equipment helps the manufacturers by preventing leakage, maintaining product freshness, and upholding overall product quality standards. Manufacturers can easily test the torque value of closed bottle caps with the help of this testing instrument.

The microprocessor – based machine with an original intel chip provides multitude features to its users and ensures the accuracy of the results including tare, peak hold, bright LED display, feather touch controls, and single push button operation. Its feather touch design and single push button operation makes it more user friendly and the best choice for any business that require authentic and reliable testing for their packaging.


bursting strength tester pneumatic model has been designed to offer you with numerous numbers of benefits. The durability and accuracy of the packaging makes it easy for manufacturer to get ensured the quality packaging. The precise measuring capabilities of this highly advanced testing equipment provide accurate results. On the other hand, another advantage of this bursting strength tester machine in the quality control industry is the reduced cost. Companies involved in packaging production and distribution processes can get multiple advantages from bursting strength tester. One should look forward toward the testing machines which offers the outstanding results to its customer with the commitment to quality and services.







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